(SCENE) Announces "Epicenter," an exhibit of Lansing-Area Artists, Opening Friday June 27, 6-9 PM

Epicenter Exhibit

Thunderstorms, computer crashes, new art, oh my!

Despite some setbacks of the "life happens" variety, (SCENE) will unveil our latest exhibit "Epicenter" on Friday, June 27 with a public reception from 6-9 PM featuring new works by seventeen artists from the Greater Lansing area. Epicenter's call-for-entries resulted in a flood of excellent submissions, and the gallery is filled to the brim with the creative output of artists Josh Ardis, Juanita Baldwin, Dorothy Brooks, Tim Casey Jr., Kerry Clark, Chris Corneal, Jillane Dumdei, Jessica Klumpp Held, Jane Kramer, Tim Lane, Randy Maidlow, Alex Nichols, Tiffany Norman, Mike Pixley, Jules Schmuker, Sally Martin Stewart, and Krys Tourtois. Based on the number of overall artist entries, we could hold 2 or 3 area-specific exhibits like this in a row. It underscores our curatorial conviction that Lansing, despite its sleepy industrial surface, conceals an undertow of vision and talent we would be more than happy to drown in.

As such, we have appropriated and repurposed the image of a grenade to symbolize the exciting potential under our noses. This original graphic was created by Chris Van Wyck of Ciesa Design. Once an image of violence, the only violence this new right-brained grenade intends is against the notion that there is "no good art" in mid-Michigan. In fact, there is so much good art in mid-Michigan that we have no hope of fitting even a fraction of it in our gallery! Naysayers, receive your come-uppance!

The opening reception will feature musical performances by local folk-indie favorites Falcorps as well as turntable veteran DJ Chris Clark.


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