Limited Edition (SCENE) T-shirts Are Here!

[above, Ande models (SCENE)'s new limited edition fundraising T in front of Ryosuke Cohen and Michael Mosher's "Brain Cell #693"]

(SCENE)'s community-based T-shirt design contest is still ON! Our idea to have online voting buttons is taking some time to implement. We sincerely thank all the T-shirt artists who've turned in designs and who've been patiently waiting to see the voting bgin. And while we wait for technology to catch up with our bold ideas, we've released a limited edition of 100 T-shirts featuring the "Return To Sender" exhibit on the back and a sharply inclined (SCENE) logo on the front. [actually there are only 99 available, I've reserved one for myself -- Peter] We hope to periodically release limited-edition commemorative shirts, and "Return To Sender" featured some world class postal artists so we've selected it to be the first of a series. [you can click on the image above for a closer look!]

The Return To Sender T is available on white 100% cotton in all sizes at (SCENE) Metrospace for $15, with all the proceeds benefitting (SCENE)'s mission to display cutting edge and emerging artforms. You can stop in to the gallery to get yours (cash or check only), or drop an e-mail to scenemetrospace [at] gmail [dot] com for further details!


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