(SCENE) hosts Three MO(VE)MENT Performances, March 29th and 30th

Live Art Performance from The Netherlands:
Mo(ve)ment U.S. Tour

After 5 years of performing in the Netherlands and playing festivals in Israel and South Africa, the colorful, creative and improvisational performances of Mo(ve)ment will finally make its US debut.

Mo(ve)ment is a two act multi-discipline live on-stage performance that spotlights energetic dialogue between visual art and modern dance. Benno Hübner dances in front of a a large screen on which the paintings of Tali Farchi are projected, as they are being created live. The connection between the two disciplines develops a conversation that is a playful, passionate and at times intimate duet with music ranging from classical to hiphop. A rotating line up of jazz musicians featuring members of Lansing-area bands Folio and The Library join Mo(ve)ment for a session of total improvisation, opening a further dialog between music, painter, and dancer. Traverse City-based painter Royce Deans will join Mo(ve)ment for this special performance.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at http://www.bno-productions.nl/shop

March 29 8:00 $15 - Featuring members of Folio and The Library

March 30 2:00 $12 adult, $8 children under 12 - Family show without live musicans
March 30 8:00 $15 - Featuring members of Folio and The Library


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