Poetic Voices

Poetic Voices

8:00 PM
Friday, March 14
$5 Suggested Donation
[doors at 7:00 PM]

In that vertical graveyard between Vesalius' prints,
a family composed of blood vessels smiled, the smallest
veins on the boy's lips visible as I followed you.

April Gosling,
from "Orpheus & Eurydice Visit BodyWorlds"

And so working tonight I meet a woman
whose fiancé died in World War II, the sands
of some beach filling his mouth. On her hip,
an infant with aquamarine eyes.
I tell her about you, how scared I have been.

She touches my collarbone.

I know she will come home; wish her well for me, please.

Angela Vasquez-Giroux,
from "Twelfth Letter to My Sister"

A woman, Mary, with cold hands
and sand in her voice
pushed a silver pin into my vein
and then, there it was
This body
stretched out across billions of years
taut and translucent as wax paper
the waterskin stillness
when Boreas has misplaced his breath

Ann DelMariani,
from "Recollecting The Body"

featuring the music of Cold Mountain Child


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