Rachael Davis, Band of Annuals, Double Saginaw Familiarity, WYCYWAM?

Rachael Davis  Band of Annuals  Double Saginaw Familiarity  Would You Could You With A Mouse?

Saturday, March 15
8:00 PM
[doors at 7:00]

Songstress Rachael Davis (who is also the frontwoman of Steppin' In It-backed Shout Sister Shout)has been singing on stage since she was 2 years old! And it shows. Her influences range from the jazz stylings of Ella Fitzgerald to the soulful pop vocals of Patty Griffin -- with many more in between. Songwriter Mary Lou Lord says, "[Rachael sings] with the voice of the most beautiful color you've never seen."

Ann Arbor Review: "Her music is built around her voice, a shimmering and versatile thing that trips lightly through Ella-esque jazz lines, growls and belts and glides."

Joining Davis will be Salt Lake City-based indie-country band Band of Annuals, who've made quite a name for themselves out West. This is their first foray through the Midwest, and we are honored that (SCENE) will be on their itinerary.

And it is (SCENE)'s distinct pleasure to welcome back two unique local songwriters, Dan Pechacek (a.k.a. Double Saginaw Familiarity) and Brad Stein (a.k.a. Would You Could You With A Mouse?) Both take the acoustic songwriter tradition and spin it on its ear, updating some lyrical tropes here, injecting some tasteful loops there.


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