(SCENE) Announces The "3D / 4D" Exhibit, Opening Friday, May 2

3D4D Exhibit - Shapes in Time

East Lansing's alternative art space, (SCENE) Metrospace announces an upcoming exhibit of artwork which engages time and physical space.

The exhibit, which will be displayed May 2 - June 15, 2008, is titled “3-D/4-D,” and will focus on three-dimensional and four-dimensional works of art: shapes in time. The gallery’s interior space will be occupied by sculpture, kinetic artworks, and hybrid artworks that explore notions of time, change, and physical space. Sculptors and multi-media artists included in the exhibit include Steve Baibak, Mark Chatterley, Zabby Cox, Deon Foster, John Lindenmayer, Dan Marsh, Robert Park, Janel Schulz, Tom Sheerin, Craig Mitchell Smith, and Lisa Truax.

An Opening Reception will be held the evening of Friday, May 2, from 6-9 PM featuring food and refreshments by Mama Bear's Cafe and audio/visuals by djtor2.



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