Strange Attractor & Liquid Salamander

(SCENE) Metrospace presents Strange Attractor and Liquid Salamander on Friday, July 22nd. Doors at 7:30. Show at 8:00. $5

Strange attractor is a band that is expirimental sounds and poetic existentialism. A strange attractor is the pattern set parameter in a chaos system that seems to behave as order for chaotic fractalization. As the Poet Chris Conn speaks,the keyboardist Dimitri Valdes performs psychedelic noise and sound effects. Strange attractor is an ambient trance juggernaut of impact that speaks both to the sane and insane thoughts questioning what is truly real. It is a fine art of a new genre pioneering to the colonies on the frontier of enlightenment. Please watch the show at your own risk.

After Strange Attractor comes Liquid Salamander, a psychedelic jam band with singer/keyboardist Dimitri Valdes on vocals,and Chris Soderman on drums ,and a few guest guitarists. They perform music with a range of emotions from dark gothic to light joyous spiritual rock n' roll, creating sort of a gypsy dreamscape of music and song.


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