Wisaal wsg The Anatomy of Frank

(SCENE) Metrospace presents Wisaal wsg The Anatomy of Frank~~Monday, July 18th~~Doors at 7:00~~Show at 7:30~~$5

Wisaal - an Arabic word meaning links, connections, or unities - reflects our attempt to fuse elements of the Arabic musical heritage with Klezmer, Indian, and American influences while respecting the spirit of these traditions. Classical Arabic pieces become frameworks within which traditional Arabic forms and rhythmic patterns blend with Western harmonic backgrounds and rhythmically charged pop and world-music grooves. Traditional Arabic instruments - oud, percussion, and bass - are joined by Klezmer-influenced clarinet, American folk mandolin, and Indian tabla. Contemporary fusion pieces and original compositions combine these various influences and allow for extended improvisations which showcase the different improvisatory traditions represented in Wisaal. Based in East Lansing, Michigan, Wisaal aims to increase awareness of these musical traditions and their cultures through performances and educational workshops.

The Anatomy of Frank brings prog-pop a new meaning. Armed with an unending slew of instruments and gadgets, they make meaningful music that swells and hushes, charms and seduces, explodes and falls apart. They are The Anatomy of Frank, and they believe that music is good for nearly everything.


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