Photography Proofs Sale to Benefit (SCENE) Metrospace

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henry brimmer is donating a large number of artist’s proofs [mainly photographs] to
raise a few bucks [maybe more] in support of scene metrospace...and make room in his overfilled cabinets for new projects.

and who the heck is henry brimmer...

for $10 a proof, who cares? just come by, look through the work, pick something
you like... and help the gallery...

what is an artist’s proof?

an artist proof is a test leading to the final product – to work out the kinks, adjust color, ink-coverage, density, test different media, and explore size. proofs are “pulled” in most printing processies like engraving, stone lithography, woodcuts,
silkscreening, as well as in photography. proofs may be slightly flawed.

100% of the proceeds of the sale go to support [scene] metrospace, the lansing
area premier venue to experience non to less commercial contemporary art projects and ideas.

april 18 + 19, 4 to 8pm . [scene] metrospace, 110 charles street, in east lansing


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