Call for Submissions for "Instructions_13"


(SCENE) Metrospace announces a call for submissions for a unique exhibit called Instructions_13.

Instructions_13 is a continuing exhibition series developed by Virginia-based artist Travis Head ( Britta Urness (East Lansing, MI,www. and Travis are creating a 3rd installment of this curatorial project for an exhibition at (SCENE) Metrospace. 

Submissions considered until Sunday, August 18th, 2013.

Exhibition dates: Opens Friday, November 1st; closes Sunday, December 15th.

Submitted work must follow every instruction, but is certainly not limited to those moves. All media will be considered (2D, 3D, video, poetry, performance....) The curators will then make selections for the exhibition from the submitted work. While all submissions will be considered, it is possible that not all submissions will be accepted for the exhibition due to space limitations.

Other details:

Please email  jpgs/documents/video links of the finished work along with title, media and size to by Sunday, August 18th. Selected artists will be notified via email.

Please email questions about the "instructions" to Britta Urness at

Instructions_13 artwork is to be received at (SCENE) Metrospace by October 13th either by mail or in person.


Here are the instructions for submissions for Instructions_13...


1. Try, Try Again _ Begin with a finished or in-progress work. 

2. Tactics _ Think about your mindset when you last worked on this piece. Write down an adjective that is the opposite of that mindset and work in this way for at least 1 session.

3. Automatic Cuts _ Reduce the work by a quarter through cutting, covering, erasing, etc. Consider the meaning of “deletion”.

4. Equipment _ Include an image of an object used in a game. This should be no smaller than 4 inches in height and placed on the right-hand side of the work.

5. Versus _ Competition/Opposition.  Divide the field.  Draw Battle lines. (Either physically or pictorially create a formal division in the work.)

6. Score _ measure the work itself or some element(s) within the work to arrive at a quantity. Incorporate this quantity in some way (as a notation, as a repetition, etc.)

7. Marquee _ Photograph the piece.  Email it to a friend and ask that they write you a descriptive sentence; the kind of short sentence that might be used to advertise a coming attraction at a theater.  Incorporate this sentence as text or as an idea in the piece.

8.  Slow motion Instant Replay _ Repeat an earlier move/activity with deliberate and observably reduced speed.

9. Mascot _ Decide what kind of animal could act as a mascot, “spirit animal” or representative of your work. Include a depiction of this creature near some formal intersection in the composition.

10. Play Shorthanded _ Create some physical obstacle/interruption to your normal method of making.  (For example: draw with your eyes closed, work with completely un-bending outstretched arms, work with your face no farther than 6 inches from the object, work with your left hand, etc.)

11. On the Sidelines _ Confine your activity to the perimeter of the piece for 1 session.

12.  Contact _ Find a way to physically show contact, conflict or a relationship between any two figures or ideas in the piece. This addition will act as a “finishing move”.

13. Game _ Include the specific date and time that you decide that the work is finished.


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