East Lansing Sunday Soup hosted by (SCENE) Metrospace

Dear Scenesters,

Are you familiar with a grassroots, micro-funding phenomenon known as a "Sunday soup" that has been spreading across the country for the past few years?

The idea is that creative people get together at an established location and pay an admission fee at the door to have soup, listen to creative proposals, and award a single artist or creative person with a major portion of the door charge at the end of the event. After the soup and socializing have occurred, the attendees who have submitted proposals present their ideas to everyone else. After all of the submitted proposals have been presented, everyone present votes on a favorite. The proposal with the most votes walks away with a portion, or all, of the door (the setup varies). In some scenarios, a small fraction of the proceeds is returned to the establishment to offset the cost of supplying the soup :)

Here is a link to a NPR story covering this movement.

On Sunday, March 18th, (SCENE) Metrospace will launch the East Lansing Sunday Soup. We are in the process of getting a facebook page up--possibly a website. More info will be forthcoming soon. In the meantime, please refer to the information provided below.

We hope this program, which has been instigated and run with by (SCENE) volunteer--and local business owner--Luke Hackney, will interest the creative community; we hope you will join us in the near future for East Lansing Sunday Soup, hosted by (SCENE) Metrospace.


Tim Lane
(SCENE) Metrospace


The Sunday Soup grants provide funding for small to medium-sized
projects. The grants are completely unrestricted and will be
awarded at the discretion of those who attend that month’s event.

Proposals for the grant are accepted up to the Wednesday before that
month’s Sunday Soup event.

Those with accepted proposals will attend that Sunday’s event, paying
the $5 admission fee, and will be given the opportunity to make a
presentation and answer any potential questions.

When all presentations have been completed, the audience (including
the artists themselves) will vote on the project they like the most.

The proposal with the most support will be awarded the Sunday Soup
Grant at the end of the day.

Proposal applications should be sent to luke@retroduck.com. One
application and contact per proposal. Please include your name, email
address, and a 500 word or less description of your potential project.
If you have any questions, please email and ask first.

Thank you!


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