Middle of the Mitten Music Fest

Middle of the Mitten is an event celebrating the anniversary of The Record Lounge and its commitment to local and independent music and businesses. Preparations are in full swing for the fourth annual showcase, which will be Friday, February 3 at SCENE Metrospace (East Lansing) and Saturday, February 4 at The Loft (Lansing).

Online presale tickets now only $10 each! Send MiddleMitten@gmail.com your name and the number of tickets, and we'll send a PayPal invoice.

$15 at the door.

Day 1 at (SCENE) Metrospace in East Lansing:

7pm Doors
715-740 Paige Bolen
750-815 Vince Zydeck
825-850 Commodore Cosmos
900-925 Match by Match
935-1000 Nathan Alan
1010-1035 Nathan K
1045-1110 Sunny Side Up
1120-1145 Gun Lake
1155-1230 American Opera

Day 2 at The Loft in Lansing:

7pm Doors
730-800 The Blue Effect
815-845 Meadower
900-930 Citizen Smile
945-1015 Bangups
1030-1100 Newday Dreamers
1115-1145 The Sunset Club
1200-1230 Simien the Whale
1245-115 Life Size Ghost


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