Loop 2.4.3

Brooklyn World-Fusion group Loop 2.4.3 returns to their home state of Michigan to perform Zodiac Dust at Scene-Metrospace 110 Charles St. East Lansing, MI 48823.

World/Classical fusion group Loop 2.4.3 plays Scene-Metrospace as part of their 2010 Mid-West tour. They will feature music from their release, Zodiac Dust, with a performance at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 9th, 2010 at Scene-Metrospace 110 Charles St. East Lansing, MI 48823.

Tickets sold at the door, $7 adults, $5 students/ seniors, and children under 12 years are free.

In the tradition of sonic innovators like Steve Reich, Konono N°1, Moondog, and Radiohead, Loop 2.4.3’s latest album flows through a vast array of sounds and rhythms across the nine tracks on Zodiac Dust. Their first CD, Batterie, was said to “reinvent percussion” (Fresh Air, NPR). Their new CD, nominated for album of the year at the Independent Music Awards, adds piano, voice, strings and two instruments of their invention, the Rose Echo and eLog, both to be featured at the upcoming performance.

Well known for their live shows, recent Loop 2.4.3 performances have been described as “Transportive” (Boston Phoenix), “Intricate and energetic” (The New York Times), “Mesmerizing…stunning” (Time Out Chicago), “a hard driving set” (Alex Ross, the New Yorker), and “a mind-blowing show” (Sean Boyd, Art Farm Recordings). The intimate space at Scene Metrospace is ideal for the group’s percussion-centric, visually exciting performance.


Loop 2.4.3 follows in the tradition of composer-led ensembles, ala Steve Reich and Musicians, Phillip Glass, Harry Partch, Moondog, and late-60’s Miles Davis. Throw in a touch of Romanticism, world-influences, and an affinity for rock, and you get an idea of their esthetic. Cerebral, yet soulful, "the two of them suggest worlds of feeling" (New Haven Advocate) and are quick to demonstrate that they can not only shake the room with a percussive force of nature, but that percussion instruments can be very melodic and possess infinite subtlety. From the melancholic, rich melodicism of Zodiac Dust, to the grooving, multi-textured virtuosity of The Existentialist, and the electro-acoustic other-worldliness of Dark Matter, Loop 2.4.3 makes music consisting of both "action adventures and reveries... all sound[ing] like part of a well-thought-out tradition, only the tradition has never existed until now." (Fresh Air - NPR)

The members of Loop 2.4.3 both hail from Michigan. Thomas Kozumplik comes out of the Tri-City area while Lorne Watson grew up in Lansing. Both are graduates of Central Michigan University where they performed with the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble. The duo is returning to Michigan for a series of concerts in East Lansing and Ann Arbor.


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