Eboni Hogan & Natasha "T." Miller

Spitfire Poetry Reading Series at Scene Metrospace presents Natasha "T." Miller and Eboni Hogan.

Wednesday, February 17th, doors at 7:30, poetry at 8:00. Students $3. General public $4.

Hogan, a poet from New York, and Miller, a poet from Michigan, inhabit totally different worlds. Hogan storms each venue with the unabashed bravado of the Big Apple, while Miller douses the stage with the sleek steel of Motor City. They carry in their throats the symphonies of their hometowns, but are not different solely in the geographical sense. Miller’s poetry often interrogates what it means to be American in the age of a black president, with the accuracy of a sharpshooter, while Hogan is a quirkier presence, offering candid and often lurid tales of her many misadventures. Their stories of love, loss, family, race relations and injustice are markedly dissimilar, but their devotion to telling their stories with raw honesty has been the catalyst for their joining of forces in this first-ever national tour. On stage they are a harmony and a discord, as women who have loved differently and survived their own unique hardships. Their understandings of their distinct worlds is the basis for a one-of-a-kind opus, composed of blaring taxi horns, the punch of steel workers clocking in, the record player catching the scratch in the vinyl and the rumbling of the subway below. Miller and Hogan are currently both on tour with Motown on Broadway.


Eboni Hogan (top)

Natasha "T." Miller (bottom)


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