An Evening with Arthur White

Here's something different! A conceptual art performance at (SCENE) Metrospace. An Evening with Arthur White.

Thursday, May 30th, 8 p.m.

$5 at the door.

~click on image to enlarge~

What is "An Evening with Arthur White?" Will Jurkiewicz writes, "An Evening with Arthur White" is an interactive musical that kicks off an incredible piece of conceptual art that will unfold during the next year or two. "An Evening with Arthur White" offers the audience a glimpse into the present and past of a great 70's rock star who exists only in legend. During the middle section of the musical, Arthur White remembers an appearance he made on Detroit Public Television in 1975, and we'll film that section of the musical to create footage of the 1975 TV appearance to substantiate Arthur White's existence back in the 70's (which is why we need the audience to dress for 1975). We'll use the funds and the footage we get from that night to produce a series of concerts and webisodes about the story of Arthur White which will ultimately lead to a documentary. Our hope is that all of the Lansing region will play a role in the creation of the Arthur White legend.


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