The Further Adventures of Fatboy & Jive Turkey plus Elden Kelly, Friday, March 7th

(SCENE) Metrospace presents a concert featuring The Further Adventures of Fatboy & Jive Turkey, and, Elden Kelly, on Friday, March 7th.

Doors at 7:30//Show at 8:00

$5 students//$10 all others

2 of the Capitol City's most dynamic musicians appear in a one-time-only performance!

Elden Kelly impresses audiences with his ability to combine jazz with a broad range of music traditions. In addition to guitar, he has developed his own syncretic style on various instruments such as the Arabic oud, the Turkish cumbus and the Glissentar, an 11-string fretless guitar. In a single live show, Kelly's music ranges from fiery to honest heartfelt, expressive songs, to sounds reminiscent of Indian scat mixed with an Arabic-style call to prayer. Balancing virtuosity and soulfulness, Kelly will take you on a musical journey to reimagined homelands.

The Further Adventures of FatBoy and JiveTurkey is the brain child of musician Benjamin Hall. His high-energy stage presence, searing vocal vigilance, and truly tasty blues harmonica playing, combined with a dynamic and eclectic group of local and regional musicians, allow this group to provide music lovers with a fresh interpretation of classic blues tunes, as well as exciting originals.

$10 General Admission
$5 Students


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