Asylum Lake Press Release Party

(SCENE) Metrospace presents a release party for Asylum Lake Press. Asylum Lake Press is a cultural proliferation project that aims to present a record of artistic talent in the southwest Michigan area. The party, which will feature three singer-songwriters--Fiona Dickinson, Birdfingers, and Aaron Young--marks the second issue of the magazine, as well as the first release in the Lansing Area.

Come out for music, poetry, good company and good times!

The press is looking for submissions!

~Friday, February 18th~

~Doors at 7:30~Music at 8:00~

~$2 at cover~

Fiona Dickinson

"The level of catharsis and convalescence in Fiona Dickinson’s music is astonishing. You can feel her voice pushing back the demons as she digs deep into a growl, and then angelically welcome in the healing process with the voice of tranquility. While the subject matter and mood of her songs may carry a wistful and woebegone spirit, this is incredibly warm and inviting sonance that lives and breathes to understand and rebuild once the exorcism is complete." -Peter Cook


"Since the conception of The Strutt, Bennett Young has taken its stage. His quiet, unassuming demeanor has sat calmly with his ax of choice and emitted pure sorrow tinted emotion. Now as “Birdfingers,” we are not only seeing an open-mic star, but rather the potential of touring artist." -Brishen Miller

Aaron Young

Aaron went to Texas and caught birds. He stayed in an apartment complex with a view of a McDonalds sign and if there were sidewalks in Temple, TX he could have walked to the Lowes and Circuit City which were three gas stations down. And so, when he wasn't catching birds, he sat on the floor (having no furniture) and wrote most of these songs.


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