In Transit Exhibit @ 303 Abbott St.

In Transit Exhibit

As you probably know, (Scene)'s home of the last 3 years at 303 Abbott is slated for demolition. Our good neighbors at Ciesa & Associates (upstairs) have moved out and the water and electricity will be shut off at the end of the month.

We are busy renovating the new space at 110 Charles (next to Georgio's in the colorful parking ramp). Due to the hard work and generosity of some amazing people, it is going quite well! It's going to be a beautiful space, and we are diligently working to have it done in the next two weeks -- so that there is the smallest possible hiccup in our mission to be an art and performance venue in downtown East Lansing. Well over 250 Volunteer hours have been worked. There is still A LOT of work to do.

Several months ago, when we thought we'd be all moved in by February, we committed to being open during the East Lansing Film Festival, as well as hosting one of Grand River Connections events. Well, nothing in this world has as many roadblocks as renovating a challenged space (the former owners took every single lighting fixture with them, the wood veneer floor was glued directly to the concrete with several different kinds of glue, there was water damage, and all sorts of code compliance issues...) so as the Film Festival rapidly approaches (it starts tomorrow), the new Charles Street location looks more like a moon crater than an art gallery.

Therefore, we are doing what needs to be done:

We are continuing daily work on the new space, AND debuting a SURPRISE mini-exhibit in the old space. Here's the details:

ALL NEW works of art by local painters Tim Lane and Jayme Theis, never-before-exhibited photography by Lansing artist Taylor Reid, and photography from a guest artist, San Francisco-based Joshua Warren (who just happened to be in town, just happened to have brought along his large format printer and hi-res files of all his photography, and just happened to be willing to print-frame-mat his work with less than 24 hours notice!). Not to brag, but this show is good -- two pieces sold even before the show was finished being hung!

Here's the rub: since we are committed elsewhere (renovating the new space), the show at 303 Abbott will be open by appointment only. Volunteers and the artists will open the gallery afternoons and evenings whenever possible, but if you are driving into East Lansing especially to see the show, you should call ahead. The number is 517-319-6832. Please allow 24 hours for a response -- we thank you for your understanding and patience at this transitional moment in (Scene)'s existence.

The mini exhibit will be up for only a brief time, from March 21-March 30. We hope to move it to the new space as soon as it is finished (and clean), so stay tuned. But, basically, don't count on being able to see the show after March 30. See it as soon as you can!

We would like to thank Ciesa & Associates, The City of East Lansing, The Downtown Development Authority, and all the volunteers who have worked to make (Scene) a true community space!


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